2017.....you were pretty a'ight


my 2017 (in chronological-ish order):

  • went to new york, came home and cried, decided to move before year's end
  • stood up to a horrible boss and quit a toxic job
  • participated in the women's march with two of my best friends
  • while unemployed for 3 months, i flexed my writing muscles and started a blog (!!! this one. the one you're reading!)
  • went to the mountains for the first time
  • went to my first (black) rodeo
  • worked my tail off to move to nyc
  • moved to nyc!!!!!! 
  • celebrated my 30th birthday in the best city in the world

in-between all the big moments (good and bad) were lots of little things like religiously watching insecure with sean and danny every sunday, weekly hang outs with danielle, texting leslie and erin to tell them how many days were left before i move, hours of listening to my favorite murder, impromptu homemade dinners at matt & lauren's house, and quietly working and saving all summer at 2 wonderful jobs.

the adjustment to new york has been a little rougher than i expected, (but that's to be expected) and future me will thank present me.

new york, new year, new rules.

2018, i'm ready for you, girl!


photo c/o jessica daly 

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