i. love. podcasts.


i'm not saying i love podcasts as much as oprah loves bread, but i'm pretty much saying  that. i listen to them all day long at work, and they're my favorite form of knowledge intake. i also love to hear what others are listening to, and if it sounds good i will make room on my list, no matter how full it is.

here are just 10 of my favorite podcasts:

10. this american life: everyone i've talked to who listens to podcasts, listens to this american life, and if you don't you've at least heard of it.  this american life has the delicate privilage of telling other's stories--something near and dear to my heart--and they do it in different acts! someone has to have a ringtone of ira glass saying "act 1...!", right? 

listen to these eps: the heart wants what it wants & abdi & the golden ticket

9. a piece of work with abbi jacobson: i love abbi jacobson in broad city. her nervous positivity makes me think, "um yeah. i'm totally an abbi." well hold on to your butts, because the similarities keep going. former art major and total art nerd, abbi explores the galleries of the MoMA in new york city with the likes of questlove and rupaul. what comes next is pure fangirling over art, with which i strongly resonate, and candid questions around what is art, and how *seemingly* simple art can end up in an art museum. 

listen to this ep: how questlove learned to love silence

8. my brother, my brother and me: just pure "advice"-giving shenanigans, between 3 brothers--hence the name--including tips on sneaking pancakes into a movie under a top hat, and a recent favorite debate: "in a battle between centaurs and men on horses, who would win? is there chance for espionage if a centaur just hangs a pair of jeans around the front of him...?" *bonus points if you get an episode with a "munch squad" segment.

listen to these eps: doritos-blasted crow & beanfreak 

7. s-town: when i heard the teaser for s-town i thought, "what a charming, intelligent man. he must be a politician or someone well-respected in the community!" oh, but john b. mclemore was not at all who i thought he was. brian reed masterfully takes on the beautiful and complicated task of telling this story; the way he ends it is so lovely, i've listened to the ending at least 3 times. word to the wise, when you start s-town don't google anything yet. you'll blow a huge part of the story and regret it. just pretend you're listening to a fireside chat and google hasn't been invinted yet. 

listen to all the eps because it's a series, but start with chapter 1

6. making oprah: oprah is my #1 hero (besides my mum). her story is so so so inspiring to me, and i know it backward and forward. when her 20th anniversary dvd set came out, i bought it for my mom, and then immediately stole it and took it with me to college. this short podcast series is basically that dvd set, in 5 episodes. when oprah talks about her journal entry the night before beginning the oprah winfrey show, i get chills. all of the things she says about chicago, and how it felt like home when she looked out the plane window, parallel how i feel about new york and it just makes me cry. also, deep in my heart, i feel like i'll meet her someday, and that also makes me cry. also. also. y'all. oprah was oscar-nominated. she's everything. never forget.

listen to this episode: no strategy, no plan, no formula

5. song exploder: i already posted about song exploder, but truly it is the podcast of my music-analyzing dreams. song lyrics are my love language, so going behind the scenes of how a song is built, plus the lyric writing process is everything i never knew i needed. also, hrishikesh hirway could read me the phone book. 

listen to these eps: andrew bird roma fade & the moonlight soundtrack

4. still processing: i stumbled across still processing right as it came out last fall. the title alone blesses my over-analyzing soul, because a lot of things just take a while to process, ya know? jenna and wesley have become like my uber-educated-in-all-things-african-american-culture-and-otherwise friends. they are both writers for the new york times, who take on culture (wesley's domain) and technology (jenna's domain), masterfully. i learn like 10 new things every time i listen, and you might wanna buckle in because they go deep. some faves are the lemonade/4:44 parallel discussion and when they speak to barry jenkins days after moonlight won the oscar for best picture. running into jenna and wesley on the streets of nyc is goals, tbh. 

listen to these eps: the brilliance of kerry james marshall & we said, he said, she said

3. 2 dope queens: phoebe robinson and jessica williams are literally the kind of black girl soul sisters i've been searching for my entire life. when i found 2DQ i was like, "omg. black girls who talk like me. omg. black girls who talk about dating white guys. omg. black girls who remember obscure 90s pop culture!!" they dedicate their shows to highlighting comedians of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders, which is dope, but my favorite parts are the intro and outro chats they have with each other. it's basically a mix of how jc chasez is actually the hottest n'sync member and candid talk about tragic dates. also, they just landed an hbo special, so big things poppin' for them.

listen to these eps: shequoia & a lenny kravitz smackdown

2. sooo many white guys: phoebe robinson's (yeah! that phoebe from #3!) solo project is quite honestly a triumph. phoebe interviews...basically everyone the opposite of her podcast title, highlighting women and men of color, from comedic, political, and musical backgrounds (with a *token white guy* at the end of the season)! and guys....the most recent token white guy will blow your shorts off. (it's t. hanx) 

listen to these eps: phoebe and lizzo get lit & phoebe and tom hanks make a biopic

1. my favorite murder: and my #1 favorite...a podcast about murders. i had no idea people loved learning the weird details of true crime as much as i did, until i found georgia and karen. so if you're like me and secretly look up crime scene photos (i know you're out there, because i've talked to some of you) there is a place for us in this podcast world. one of the best parts is their "minisodes" in which listeners send in their hometown murders. still on the search for a good oklahoma one, so if any fellow oklahomans have one, lay it on me. 

listen to these eps:  my own sinkhole  & breakfast wine & just the 32 of us

**honorable mentions that you should still definitely listen to**

what are your favorite podcasts? let me know down there in the comments!