yassss list: the one with Queen Serena


1. serena is obviously my queen, and i can't get over her beautiful belly and her love story with alexis. get ready to simultaneously sob and grin with glee.

2. another amazing woc enamel pin to add to the collection

3. anjali's story breaks my heart and fills me with hope for finding love in this world

4. sent this to my friend, hannah, the other day because we both love #queentina and GIRLS. one of my favorite SNL sketches, ever. 

5. we're all allowed to be geeks about something, and my thing is jim henson. i need to see this exhibit, asap. (thanks, kelsey!) 

6. one day i will buy this dress and have a glass of wine with a nice man  

7.  hannah and i are seeing my favorite podcast, live next month in colorado and i am so excited! i need karen to be my friend and mentor. 

8. what are the koalafications to be a back up singer for chance the rapper? asking for MYSELF.

9.  funky/chic style dream come true 

10. maggie rogers is at the top of my summer playlist. because. yes, girl. (thanks, stacy!)

11. itching for a new tattoo and i think picasso is next on the list

12. the great t. hanx was spotted at strand books this week! (probably sniffing out his indie bookstore competitor) every time i see that tom hanks is out and about in new york, i die a little because i wasn't the lucky bystander to bump into him.

photo courtesy of vanity fair