yassss list: the one with og aunt viv


1. this og aunt viv pin from my favorite fresh prince scene is sheer perfection.

2. in honor of her birthday, solange. summer. outfit inspiration 

3. anything geronimo balloons does is magic. i just wanna work for jihan someday.

4. if you're looking for a new podcast, song exploder is at the top of my list. i've listened to this andrew bird episode at least five times. it's just so good. also hrishikesh hirway's voice is butterrrr.

5. guys. entertainment weekly just did a cover story for the new season of american crime story!!! yes penelope cruz, yes darren criss, yes ricky martin, yes max greenfield yes edgar ramirez. i was obsessed with the people v. o.j. simpson and they say ryan murphy will top it. i cannot wait.

6. ever wondered what a dish from you favorite show tastes like, irl? chances are, this guy has made it. the seinfeld one is my favorite because duh. seinfeld. (the master of none one is dope, as well)

7. (this is late, but) speaking of which, master of none, season 2 is kind of a work of art, and has me crushing on  aziz ansari a baby bit. #allora

8. i feel like this is a lot of my friends i drag to social events  

9. my dear friend, amber is traveling the world for a year and vlogging it all!! she's currently in barcelona, hopefully finding a boyfriend for me. follow her adventures!

10. my favorite instagram account, hands down. 

11. this commercial is literally all i want for my life--pancakes with new friends? a ginger, bearded husband? curly headed daughters? a curmudgeonly, yet secretly sweet old man neighbor?? it's like they read my mind!

12. this blog, which i've followed for 10 years gives me hope for still being cool as a mom. 

product photo courtesy of tees in the trap