yassss list: the one where all black women are lit



  1. janelle monae stopped the internets dead in its tracks yesterday and had us all shook. what. a. queen. 
  2. you guys. black panther. so many layers,  so immensely important for black people. but mostly the dora milaje.  y'all. black women run everything. 
  3. 2 dope queens were on morning tv talking about their hbo special, y'all!  what a beautiful time for black women in entertainment.  
  4. did you know harriet tubman did all these things....? because i didn't.
  5. busting some myths about black hair
  6. spent the whole weekend listening to moses sumney. he is just a triumph.
  7. tiffany hadish's reaction to oprah is the absolute correct one
  8. "nichelle nichols, was like the first black lady to go to space for fake, and she recruited the first black lady to go to space, for real!"
  9. on the shoulders of our ancestors is gorgeous and inspiring.

now here are some non-black history things that are still lit:

10. this essay by e.b. white about new york encapsulates everything you need to know about the city. 

11. obsessed with this couple! they're so honest with themselves and with each other

12. first housewarming gift to myself, because it me

photo c/o pitchfork