yassss list: the one with my new favorite cozy show

  1. myself hanging out with myself is brilliant and also makes me want to cry
  2. couldn't think of a better name change
  3. it's so refreshing to discover a favorite performer expressing his or her talent in a different medium
  4. searching for the right nyc winter boots, and these might be a necessary splurge
  5. mama ru and stephen gabbing about drag
  6. you guys. it's been on netflix for a while, but if you haven't watched five foot two, i imploreeeee you to watch it, immediately. i wanna wear this with some black cut off denim shorts, just like gaga
  7. oprah is loling at your weekly trips to the bank drive-thru
  8. the black panther trailer has me so hype!! 
  9. jessie ware is highly underrated, and i'll always be obsessed with her cozy tiny desk concert
  10. where google doodles live forever (the selena one is my favorite!)
  11. every friday, i look forward to esther's podcast
  12. just discovered the big family cooking showdown. picture great british bake off, but with families and they're cooking big, beautiful meals for you! 

photo courtesy of: the metro