yassss list: the one with lucius

  1. lucius has been my favorite band ever since i saw them last november. they are kind, beautiful, badasses and this song always makes me cry (also they are bffs who dress identically because they think it's hilarious, which is just so charming to me)
  2. mindy kaling is 5 months pregnant and if you expect me to have any chill about it, think again!!
  3. sometimes kids get the best clothes
  4. my friend, sean spotted a pair of these a few weeks ago, and i'm seeing them everywhere now. (i want the violet ones!)
  5. i've been geeking out lately over abbi jacobson's new podcast, "a piece of work" go listen right now! it matches my recent post about art! cute!
  6.  i love macklemore don't @ me
  7. a lovely fact about a beautiful place 
  8. reading rainbow for adults
  9. joy the baker is one of my favorite people, and drake on cake is a reason she needs to be one of yours
  10. put this pinkie ring up to the moon
  11. buying a lens for my iphone and trying to decide between that new new and the older one for $40 less. (if you have suggestions, comment below! i need halp!!)
  12. i still laugh at this so hard my stomach hurts
  13. *bonus* in honor of his birthday, obama's favorite hits/your friday playlist
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