yassss list: the one with sunday best

  1. sunday best is so beautiful, and brings back memories of growing up in a black church. i can still smell the hair grease my mom put in my hair on sunday mornings. the blue kind. some of y'all know what i'm talkin about.
  2. this article about parent trap style slayed me. i'm pretty sure i need pajama shorts now
  3. been thinking seriously about doing whole 30. if you have tips, comment below!! 
  4. but first, i gotta try this before summer's end (nom) 
  5. knowing where to direct your energy in a racist society (a black mother of biracial children's perspective)
  6. jamaican hamilton
  7. helpful tips as i grasp photography in my own way
  8. saw father john misty last week and cannot get this song out of my head. also i'm just fully embracing my crush on him, now. even his weirdo dancing is strangely attractive to me. fjm reminds me of the vv handsome, brilliant, weird dad all the carpool moms have a crush on. aka probably my husband someday
  9. finally some affirmation for being forced to listen to only christian music, growing up. i've missed kevin t. porter
  10. what about a black 90210?
  11. favorite new york street artist
  12. it was a day that shook the world. i remember being a devastated little 3rd grader, and hearing candle in the wind on the radio, constantly. now as an adult, princess diana is truly a role model and hero, to me. i just cry when i think about william and harry. she would be so proud of them.

(photo courtesy of the new york times)

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